Teaching through our historic sites

Vance Birthplace

Guidelines for Your Visit

  • Please arrive on time or call the site (828-645-6706) if there is any change to your schedule. Some of the interpreters are volunteering their time and, to help them make the most of your visit, please arrive promptly.
  • If your group is going to be more than 10-15 minutes late, please call the site. Your scheduled time is reserved for your class. Depending on whether there are other classes scheduled that day, your program may be scaled back in order to fit your time slot. We will not disrupt another class's scheduled time for late arrivals.
  • Chaperone requirements at the site are one adult per ten students for grades 3 and up. We recommend one adult per six students for pre-school through 2nd grade classes.
  • If you are coming for a school program, we appreciate large and easily readable name tags for students so that we can make them feel welcome and personalize the activities for them.
  • Please have students dress appropriately for the visit. This includes comfortable clothes that will allow for sitting and walking and comfortable shoes. The tour will be both inside and out so layered clothing might be the best option. The historic structures are not heated and students should dress warmly on cool, overcast days.
  • Inclement weather may force cancellation of some activities. Alternative activities may be offered in this instance. Please contact the site for the inclement weather plan prior to your visit.
  • The covered picnic area is available for your class on a first come, first served basis. Please indicate when making your reservations if you plan to utilize the picnic shelter. Classes are responsible for the clean-up of the picnic area. Please use the trash and recycling bins available near the shelter.
  • Encourage students to ask questions and to respond to questions when asked by the interpreter/guide. This makes for a much more enjoyable tour experience for everyone!
  • Students, teachers and chaperones should follow these rules:
    • Do not touch exhibits, artifacts, or furnishings unless invited by the guide.
    • Stay with your group at all times.
    • Walk-don't run-through the museum or from building to building.
    • Use inside voices in all areas of the museum in order not to disturb other visitors.
    • Use hand rails on stairs and walk slowly – no pushing or shoving.
    • No food, drinks, candy or gum are allowed in the museum or on the tour.
    • No climbing on the historic structures, especially the rock wall of the spring house. No throwing of items in the spring house water source.

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