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Tryon Palace

Glossary of Terms

adjutant - a staff officer in the army who assists the commanding officer and is responsible for correspondence.

by-word – this term refers to one who is notorious or is despised by others.

comfortables – the author probably means "comforter," which is a bed covering made of two layers of cloth stuffed with a filling of cotton or wool.

confiscate - to seize for the public treasury; to seize by authority.

cordial – stimulating medicine or drink; usually a sweetened alcoholic drink (such as brandy) flavored with fruit, spices, nuts, herbs, or seeds.

dimity - a sheer, usually corded, cotton fabric of plain weave in a checked or striped pattern.

evacuees – persons forced to move from their location due to military operations or dangerous conditions.

environs – the districts around a city; surroundings.

foray - to make a raid or brief invasion.

gloaming – twilight, dusk.

menial - appropriate to a servant; lowly.

palatial – grand, magnificent; like a palace.

reproach - a cause or occasion of blame, discredit, or disgrace.

waypoint - an intermediate point on a route or line of travel.

sentries - soldiers who stood guard at a point of passage (such as a gate).

typhoid epidemic - a massive outbreak of a communicable disease marked especially by fever, diarrhea, prostration, headache, and intestinal inflammation and caused by a bacterium (Salmonella typhi).

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