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Somerset Place

Glossary of Terms

Buffaloes - a term used in eastern North Carolina for Union sympathizers engaged in guerilla warfare and terrorist tactics during the Civil War.

cavalry - troops trained to fight on horseback.

emancipate - to free from oppression, bondage, or restraint; liberate.

famine - a drastic shortage of food; severe hunger or starvation.

flat - refers to a boat with a flat bottom and square ends used for transporting freight on inland waterways.

garrisoning - to be assigned at a military post.

piazza - a roofed passageway or porch.

provisions - a stock of necessary supplies, especially food.

proclamation - the act of proclaiming, especially an official public announcement.

rec't - 19th century shorthand for "receipt" usually used to indicate one has received something.

regiment / "regt" - a standard unit of military designation. An ideal regiment contained 1,000 men organized into 10 companies of 100 men each.

sally - to suddenly make an attack upon an enemy.

schooner - a sailing ship with two or more masts.

truce - a suspension of fighting.

Unionists - citizens that remained loyal to the Union.

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