Teaching through our historic sites

Somerset Place


Somerset Visitors Center: located in the Colony House and features a chronological exhibit illustrating the history of the Somerset Place and antebellum North Carolina. The Visitors Center is handicapped accessible.

Historic structures: The Collins Family Home (ca. 1830) and related domestic dependencies including the Dairy, Kitchen/Laundry, Kitchen Rations Building, Smokehouse and Salting House.

Reconstructed buildings related to the enslaved community: include the Suckey Davis House, Lewis' and Judy's House, and the Plantation Hospital. Archaeological remains of several other buildings and the plantation grounds can also be explored. Exposed foundations of buildings within the enslaved community include an outside hearth and cistern and the Lake Chapel.

Trails and outdoor exhibits: The Pete Thompson Memorial Garden is adjacent to the parking lot. The formal garden is adjacent to the Collins House. Nature trails link Somerset Place to Pettigrew State Park and the Pettigrew family cemetery.

Gift-shop: located in the Visitors Center and featuring items related to Somerset Place and plantation lifestyles with an excellent selection of books and literature, period toys, souvenirs, local crafts and novelty items.

Exhibits on slave life: located in the Suckey Davis House.

Camping and picnicking facilities: available in the adjacent Pettigrew State Park.

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