Glossary - Wartime North Carolina

blockade running – using a ship or vessel to break through a blockade to deliver supplies or convey information outside the area

civilians – persons not on active duty in the military

conscription – mandatory military service, required by the government, for men meeting certain criteria

Conservatives – members of the political party led by William W. Holden which primarily appealed to unionists in the state

desertion – the act of abandoning one's post or position; leaving one's assigned duties without permission.

dilemma – an intricate and difficult problem

espionage – the act of spying or using spies to obtain information on the enemy

Home Guard – a statewide organization established by the legislature in 1863 which replaced the militia; included all able-bodied men between the ages of 18 and 50 who were exempted from Confederate service; duties included guarding local installations such as depots, bridges, guard duty at military prisons, rounding up deserters and repelling Union advances when necessary.

impressments - the act of seizing property for public use or forcing someone into public service

Order of the Heroes of America – one of several peace movements or societies that did not support the Confederacy and actively disrupted Confederate aims whenever possible

peace movement – a group of people or an organization that called for an end to a war; opposes government policies in regards to how the war is waged.

Quaker Belt – centered in Guilford, Randolph, Forsyth, and Davidson Counties this was an area of strong Unionists sentiment

Shelton Laurel Massacre – an incident, in January 1863, in Madison County, North Carolina that illustrated the often deep divisions among neighbors and even within families over positions taken during the war.

tax-in-kind – requirement that farmers forfeit ten percent of their crop and livestock for the Confederacy

Writ of Habeas Corpus – a legal writ that requires authorities to justify why a prisoner is being held; a protection against illegal imprisonment

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