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On-Site Educational Activities

The On-Site Educational Activities are available to all classes. Some components are staff guided while others are teacher-led. Depending on the size of the group, components will not necessarily be experienced in this order. Every effort will be made to satisfy your requests. However, staff reserves the right to alter planned programming due to inclement weather or unanticipated staff shortages.

The core on-site program lasts 2 hours and consists of the three components. If additional time is available then activities in the fourth component can be added.

  1. Exhibits on Harriet Jacobs – Students will view the exhibit in the Visitors Center which includes a timeline that details the life story of Harriet Jacobs as well as images of the prominent people characterized in Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl. (15 minutes)
  2. Harriet Jacobs Student Tour – Students will learn more about Harriet and her escape from slavery. This includes a visit to the 1825 Chowan County jail and a lesson on forms of punishment in the antebellum period. Students can experience being placed in the stocks and can experience what it must have felt like for Harriet Jacobs hiding in the cramped attic crawlspace. (Approximately 1 ½ hours)
  3. Courtroom Presentation – Students will gather in the Chowan County courtroom to learn about prominent Edenton people and their contributions/impact during the Civil War including Harriet Jacobs and many members of her family who were jailed there. (15 minutes)
  4. Panel Room and Courthouse Green Demonstrations – Upon request, groups may participate in the following activities that relate to how the war impacted daily lives of civilians and soldiers. These activities will be offered in the spring. Please call the site for details. Availability of activities will vary. Please discuss with staff when making your reservation. (Time dependent on activities available and chosen.)
    • a. Letters Home – Students will experience writing letters for the sick to family back home using pencils or nib pens and ink as well as making envelopes. (20 minutes)
    • b. Civil War Music – students will get handouts with lyrics and will learn songs sung by Civil War soldiers and civilians. (20 minutes)
    • c. Civil War Home Front – Students will learn about the hardships and sacrifices people on the home front experienced during the war. Activities may include making bandages for the wounded soldiers, knitting socks for soldiers away from home, candle making, hardtack/cornbread cooking and tasting. (20 minutes)
    • d. Clothing of the Civil War Era – Students will learn about civilian dress, military uniforms and equipment, and belongings carried by a soldier in his haversack. (20 minutes)
    • e. Marching on the Green – Students will serve as new recruits undergoing drills and learning the tactics and maneuvers necessary to survive the war. (20 minutes)

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