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State Capitol


School group programs are scheduled through the Capitol Area Visitor Services located in the lobby of the NC Museum of History. Visitor Services offers free scheduling services for groups of ten or more who plan to visit the government and cultural attractions in the city, including the North Carolina State Capitol. Group scheduling is required by all the sites and ensures that your group will have a more organized and enjoyable visit. Please contact Visitor Services at least two weeks in advance to allow time for scheduling and delivery of your written itinerary.

To schedule your group visit to the government complex, call Visitor Services at 919-807-7950 or toll-free at 866-724-8687. You may also fax or e-mail your scheduling request. Email jackie.parrish@ncdcr.gov or fax 919-733-9034.

School name and contact information
Name of school contact or field trip coordinator
Date and time you wish to visit
Length of time available
Class size
Grade level

We will do our best to tailor your visit to suit your needs. A Civil War themed visit with interactive programming (available each Friday in October) will take approximately one hour.

School groups planning to visit the North Carolina State Capitol should unload buses at the Bicentennial Plaza between the North Carolina Museum of History and the Legislative Building on Jones Street. Bus parking is located in the parking lot on the corner of Jones and Blount Streets with access off of Blount. Once students are unloaded, the bus should proceed down Jones, take a right on Blount and enter the parking lot on the left side of Blount about mid-way down the block.

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