Teaching through our historic sites

Guidelines for Your Visit

Reservations are made on a "first come, first served basis".

Groups with reservations take priority over drop-in groups.

Due to limited space, only 10 students are allowed in the gift shop at one time and they must have chaperone supervision.

We request that at least 1 chaperone accompany every 10 students.

Chaperones and teachers must remain with the group they are accompanying, including in the gift shop, in the restrooms, during activities, and on the tour trail.

Please advise students to use a "museum voice" inside our Visitors Center.

We have limited picnic facilities.

Be advised that Brunswick Town/ Fort Anderson is located in a low lying coastal region. Depending on the time of year, you may find mosquitoes, fire ants, chiggers, and ticks on the property. Students should not sit on the ground for this reason.

For the safety of our visitors and the preservation of the historic structures and archaeological ruins we urge NO:

  • climbing on the historic earthworks or cannons
  • climbing in the windows of the church
  • walking on, graves or ruins
  • removal of artifacts

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