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Bentonville Site Map

Bentonville Site Map

MAP: Bentonville Battlefield — Visitor Center, Harper House, Monuments, Confederate Mass Grave, Harper Family Cemetery, Breastwork Exhibits, and History Trail. (PDF)


Bentonville Battlefield - Driving Tour
Historic Site, Tour Stops, Roadside Exhibits, Civil War Trails Signs, Highway Historical Markers, and Points of Interest. ZOOM FOR DETAIL - 5 MB.(PDF) — Key to Highway Historical Markers (PDF).

Bentonville Battlefield - Cole's Plantation Tour Stop
Terrain with troop position overlays. Action: main Confederate attack, defeat of Carlin's Union division, and Fearing's Union counterattack. 2:45-3:45 p.m., March 19, 1865. ZOOM FOR DETAIL - 10 MB.(PDF)

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