Teaching through our historic sites

Guidelines For Your Visit

  • Because of the physical size of our historic buildings, only 20 students at a time will be allowed in the historic structures. This will allow students to properly see the artifacts being discussed and enjoy the learning experience with greater satisfaction.

  • The 1 ½ hour program includes the audio-visual orientation program (if not viewed prior to arrival), exhibits, tour of the historic structures and time to make purchases at the gift shop.

  • Special activities add 30 minutes to the visit. Requests for these activities (listed below under Educational Programming Components) must be made at the time the reservation is booked.

  • Once your class is scheduled, you will receive a confirmation form to fill out and return to the site. If we do not receive your confirmation form, your requested time slot for your visit may be assigned to another group.

  • Please plan to have at least one chaperone per 10 students. The conduct of the students is the responsibility of the teacher(s) assigned chaperone(s). Unruly or undisciplined groups may not be able to complete their visit to the site.

  • Please arrive ten minutes before your scheduled tour and check in at the visitor center. Upon arrival at the site, all students should remain outside or on the bus while one group leader registers the group in the visitor center. Site staff will help teachers organize the group and will review any necessary ground rules for the visit.

  • • If your group is going to be more than 10-15 minutes late, please call the site. Your scheduled time is reserved for your class. Depending on whether there are other classes scheduled that day, your program may be scaled back in order to fit your time slot. We will not disrupt another class's scheduled time for late arrivals.

  • Students should dress for the weather as much of the tour will be outside as they move from building to building. The historic structures do not have temperature controls.

  • Students should be reminded not to sit, touch or lean on any furniture or any other part of the historic structures. Do not climb on any building to look in the windows or on the fences.

  • No food, drink, gum or umbrellas are allowed inside the historic buildings.

  • No smoking is allowed inside or outside near any of the historic structures.

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