Teaching through our historic sites


To schedule a visit to Bennett Place, please call (919) 383-4345 or email us at bennett@ncdcr.gov. You may also write to site at 4409 Bennett Memorial Road, Durham, NC 27705. Please make reservations at least two weeks in advance of your visit. This will allow us enough time to schedule staff for your visit. When calling or emailing to schedule a visit, please submit the following information:

School name and contact information
Name of school contact or field trip coordinator
Date and time you wish to visit
Length of time available
Class size and grade level
Requested On-Site Educational Activities

We will do our best to tailor your visit to suit your needs and desires. A program will take approximately 1 ½ hours. The maximum number at the site at one time is limited to 60 students. Larger groups can be accommodated with staggered arrival times or over a period of several days. We can only accommodate 120 students per day.

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