Teaching through our historic sites

Post-Visit Activities

  1. A Traveling History Trunk may be rented for $25 (2 week rental with a $100 refundable deposit). This trunk of history is designed to be a mobile, hands-on learning experience for classrooms which do not have the opportunity to visit Bennett Place firsthand or as a post-visit reinforcement activity. Teachers and students will find a variety of 19th century daily items including Civil War soldier equipment, civilian clothing, toys, letters, and, as well as a teacher's manual with a number of suggested activities to be used by classes while they have the trunk. The themes of the trunk are life of the common Civil War soldier along with rural farm life in North Carolina during the Civil War era. Please contact the Bennett Place staff to reserve the History Trunk.
  2. Have students take the Post-Visit Quiz to assess their comprehension of the information shared at the site.

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