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The North Carolina Civil War Experience: A Comprehensive Education Program


Fort Anderson

Fort Anderson

From the Outer Banks to the Blue Ridge Mountains, from coastal sand dunes to cold mountain streams, North Carolina captivates the imagination of visitors and residents alike …

With the arrival of the sesquicentennial of the American Civil War (2011-2015), the Division of State Historic Sites and Properties is unveiling a new approach to interpreting and teaching about North Carolina during the Civil War: The North Carolina Civil War Experience.

The goal of The North Carolina Civil War Experience is to provide a comprehensive education program that seamlessly combines classroom instruction with structured learning activities at a number of state historic sites that tell the Civil War story. This program is designed to assist teachers in helping students understand how North Carolinians from all walks of life experienced those horrendous years that tore our nation apart.

In this program, teachers will find 12 site-based units, as well as supplemental, site-developed lesson plans. These plans work best in support of the on-site activities but can also be used if a site visit is not possible. The North Carolina Civil War Experience offers scholarly information, bibliographies, interactive site programs, pre- and post-visit activities for students, glossaries and other resources for teachers to use in the classroom. Each of the 12 units can stand-alone but its value is multiplied when combined with one or more additional units. By experiencing multiple segments, students will gain greater knowledge and understanding of the impact of the war and how one event or aspect of the conflict affected another. Designed for 8th grade students with the NC Standard Course of Study curriculum in mind, these materials are adaptable for use in senior level United States History classes as well.

We hope that you find The North Carolina Civil War Experience to be an invaluable weapon in your teaching arsenal. We welcome your comments and look forward to seeing you at our sites!

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